One of our keys to success lies in our willingness to immerse ourselves in the music industry as fans and collaborators. We thrive on the invaluable insights gained from DJs, musicians and audiophiles worldwide, and never waste an opportunity to incorporate their great feedback into our products.


Therefore we have gathered here a selection of people that we met, worked with, collaborated with, had a coffee with or that has in some way just inspired us in our everyday work


The Glitch Mob is an American three-piece group from Los Angeles. It consists of edIT (Edward Ma), Boreta (Justin Boreta) and Ooah (Josh Mayer). Creating their own futuristic dance style with their noisy bass-driven electro, their material recalled the more raucous elements of works by electronic pioneers Aphex Twin and Autechre, as well as the heavier European breakbeat sound.

Gaining considerable attention for their DJ sets in Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as being music veterans of the much fabled West Coast underground electro scene, the collective members began their foray into remixing in 2008, with the likes of Evil Nine and TV on the Radio benefiting from their sonic expertise.

Justin and Josh on the NS900: "Thank you and these are on some next level shit, we can't wait to start using them"




When Dixon entered the Berlin club circuit in the early 90’s, he established his name on the strength of djing. Back then, confidence or experience based on putting out mixes in the internet did not matter as much as it does now. You had to do your practice, of course, but when your thing was good and tight enough to take it to the clubs, there were opportunities to do so. But those opportunities meant responsibilities. A residency did not mean playing the same club every once in a while, it meant playing the same club every week. The crowd did not consist of people that wander in and out of club nights and its guest djs as the weekly hype commanded them, it consisted of people which headed straight to a certain club night because they were sure its resident dj would deliver the goods this week as he did last week, and the next weeks to come. As long as that happened, there was no need to move on. You made your decision to return out of good experience and you stuck to it as long as it lasted.

However decided Dixon was to follow the path of his choice throughout his career, he certainly was not insistent on travelling alone. He used events to introduce foreign djs to Berlin crowds, raised his profile by providing memorable support slots in the process, and contacts were made. He got to know likeminded souls from all over the globe, and he travelled abroad himself, and his reputation grew further.

Dixon on the NS900: "Full support, perfect for DJ performances!"




It can be the similarities between two people that draw them together, but it’s the differences between them that create something special. Just like the functional dial that governs the left and right axis of the stereo field, it would be nothing if those two polar opposites failed to meet in the middle. Such is the story of Pan-Pot. In the last decade, Pan-Pot – comprised of Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix—have developed a dominate presence in the upper escilion of electronic dance music, with an ascension paralleling very few who have come before or since.

Although their name comes from a basic element of studio equipment, they have rewritten notions of form and function through their own idiosyncratic language and are now stepping completely into a new world with the launch of their own imprint, Second State. Second State is not only a platform for Pan-Pot to release their own music, they are creating a family of like minded artists around them to create, imagine and travel the world with, spreading the Second State vision. It’s a place where all ideas can flow seamlessly. From music and events to art and fashion, it’s a place where there is no ceiling. No limits to what can be achieved or dreamed. Now is the time they are truly coming into their own. Not only as world class artists and performers, but as tastemakers and masters of their own destiny.

Pan-Pot on the NS900: "High quality, top sound, awesome design"



Sonic architects of songs with an emotional heft as heavy as the subwoofer rupturing basslines that underpin their work, Truth are one of New Zealand's finest creative exports. Respected across the globe, since inception several years ago, Truth (Andre Fernandez and Tristan Roake) have, as both world-class producers and party-rocking DJs, cut a clear pathway through the international dubstep scene.

On the nightclub and festival circuits, the fruits of their labor have included, several European tours, countless shows across the USA, New Zealand and Australia, an action packed South American tour, and shows in Asia. Truth has built this performance presence through DJ support from Mala, Skream, Youngsta, Hatcha and N-Type, to name a few, giving their music an advance presence at key club nights like DMZ in London, Club Love in New York and through seminal radio stations such as BBC Radio One, Kiss Fm and Rinse FM.

Andre and Tristan on the NS900: "The NS900's put out an awesome sound. They stick to your ears beautifully and the sleek yet sturdy design makes them perfect for professional touring DJs that take pride in using high quality gear."




Swedish DJ/producer Style of Eye (AKA Linus Eklöw) has been melding his far-reaching influences to form a unique brand of high energy club music since 2003. His signature sound has much to do with the many different types of music he absorbed growing up in Stockholm, where artists like Stevie Wonder and 19th century classical composer Edvard Grieg were equally as important as acts like Yelllo or Krafwerk.

These days Style of Eye can be found spreading his message at world renowned events and clubs such Creamfields, Amnesia, Tomorrowland and Mansion. His music, meanwhile, adorns labels such as Fools Gold, OWSLA and Refune, while you've doubtless encountered his standout recent singles such as "Devastate," "Ray Dee Oh" and "Sexx."

As you’d expect from someone who cites influences as diverse as Stevie Wonder, nineteenth century classical composer Edvard Grieg, and Yello, Style of Eye isn’t keen to be pigeonholed. His moniker comes from a desire to put everything out under one name, regardless of what it sounds like… Says Linus: “Since I take in so much different music and put it in a blender I wanted to be able to put everything I see and that inspires me into one project. This album is a huge step from my first release but you can still hear that it’s me.“

Style Of Eye on the NS900: "Next level headphones that I trust both on my shows and in the studio."



Born 1984 in Dusseldorf, Niggemann is a producer, DJ and label owner. His development until 2010 reflects a fairly tra- ditional approach to becoming a DJ. At the same time, his career represents a very personal evolution. Alex is erratic – in a truly human way. In the nineties, his impulsiveness led him to discover that playing classical piano was indeed very limiting. This motivated him to search for a more rewarding means of self-expression.

Niggemann decided to make a name for himself as a producer. He started working on techno tracks and soon turned to house. Gradually he found his way to the club turntables. Using an assortment of aliases he was soon playing clubs in the Dusseldorf area and gained recognition as a resident DJ. But Alex wanted more.

Continuously forging his own path, irrespective of any hype and what the scene is asking for, and doing everything with a passion and the will to reach his goals has made Alex Niggemann the personality he is today. Alex grew to be an established and successful DJ & producer, wanting to release music purely for lovers, for people who cut their own path, who dance just the way they feel, celebrating and being passionate about what they do without following rules and trends; the things which characterized the “rave culture” of the 90s. Only two things are important – you and the music. Let's see what comes next, the future looks bright for Mr. Niggemann!

Alex on the NS900: "The NS900 are just quality. Very stable and well manufactured. No more broken headphones anymore! Besides they really have a brilliant sound. Clear and loud, without feeling uncomfortable for your ears, which is usually the case, when you play longer sets. "



Kompakt is a Cologne-based electronic music record label and vinyl/CD distributor, owned by Wolfgang Voigt, Michael Mayer and Jürgen Paape. They specialize in microhouse and minimal techno, and are known for their Total compilation series which reached its eleventh installment in 2010.

Kompakt originated from a techno record store that was opened in Cologne in 1993 (under the name "Delirium") by Wolfgang Voigt, Reinhard Voigt, Jörg Burger and Jürgen Paape, who were soon joined by Michael Mayer. Kompakt itself was formally founded in 1998, combining several existing labels, the record store and distributor and also event organizing activities.

According to Grooves magazine, "Kompakt’s chief aesthetic objective has always been the perfect marriage of ambient texture and linear 4x4 structure—blending deep, granular sound design with the 4-bar rhythmic intensity and patterning that makes house and techno so club-effective". Kompakt has been noted for releases enriching abstract techno tracks with pop elements such as vocals - Mayer has stated that "We grew up with pop music and really like traces of pop in techno music. This is probably Kompakt's biggest strength-- that we can detect these pop traces and give them a home".

British music critic Simon Reynolds has characterized Kompakt as the "label that's contributed more than any other to Germany's dominance of electronic dance music this decade [the 2000s]".

Notable producers of the label include Superpitcher, Michael Mayer, Justus Köhncke and Jürgen Paape. In recent years, Kompakt has been better known for bringing a trance sound into minimal techno.

Jon Berry, Artist/Label Manager on the NS900: "Nocs NS900 come as a break in the clouds in today’s over saturated headphone market. Their minimalistic and durable design are complimented with a sound quality which rivals most studio headphones today. This makes the NS900 a champion choice for DJ’s and audiophiles alike."



With DAUWD, one of UK's most promising talents joins the Kompakt fold. After remixing COMA's MY ORBIT in 2013, the London-based producer continues to venture into exciting musical territory with new material that sees him moving further away from the sound he's originally become known for. Reinventing himself as a virtuoso of propelling house and romantic techno, he presents lushly orchestrated journeys drawing on infectious rhythms and epic melodies.

A wanderer between worlds, DAUWD comes from Iraqui roots, but was born in the US and raised in Wales - a fittingly versatile background for a frame of mind that doesn't accept cultural or stylistic boundaries when it comes to electronic music. Luminaries as diverse as Gilles Peterson, Caribou or Nick Hoeppner already sang his praise, with early releases on Pictures Music and Ghostly International introducing eager crows to the rich sonic tapestry that the prodigy is weaving in his studio. It's where he masterfully stitches together disparate musical influences while remaining utterly focussed on a genuine artistic vision.

Dauwd on the NS900: "I really do love the NS900, brilliantly balanced sound, but still hold enough punch for DJing. They look great and solidly built. I've been doing some writing/mixing on the road, normally I use open back headphones for this but to save space im using the NS900 and mixes translate well back into the studio."



Budding techno heavyweight and creative polymath Gui Boratto has come a long way from his roots in the advertising sector of his Brazilian home town of São Paolo. A student of architecture and design, Gui's earliest musical work came in the studio producing many commercial pop and rock acts. It wasn't until Gui's self released 2004 debut album 'Royal House', when he drew attention for it's juxtaposition of latin percussive elements with classic French House. After sending a two track demo to Kompakt in 2005, Gui shot to prominence with the release of 12 inch 'Arquipélago' on K2, catalyzing a number of well received singles on labels such as Audiomatique, Plastic City and Kompakt's Pop imprint.

Gui has himself featured on innumerable compilations, from club mixes released by Fabric, Ministry of Sound and Cocoon to essential label mixes from Pokerflat, Mobilee and DFA. His remix abilities are also in high demand, with Gui having worked with artists as high profile as Goldfrapp and The Pet Shop Boys, as well as contributing interpretations of his contemporaries from SCSI-9 to Bomb the Bass.

Gui Boratto on the NS900: "I’ve been using the Nocs NS900 headphones and they sound incredibly amazing. To be honest, I doubt there is any other company that compete with them. I HIGHLY recommend them!"



As a DJ, producer and remixer, Michael Mayer remains one of Germany's core celebrities in dance music. It's no secret that he spends his weekends traveling around the globe. It's likely throughout his career he's played in front of millions. Then, as a co-owner of Kompakt, he spends his weekdays deciding what will be released on the label and working with the label's artists and overseeing Kompakt's distribution wing - the home of over 50 record labels. Amazingly enough, he manages to sneak into the studio on occasion to produce his own music and remix the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Foals and Rufus Wainwright.

Michael Mayer on the NS900: "NS900 is a real game changer... I'm not over exaggerating when I say that these are the best DJ headphones I've ever had the pleasure to use. Best sound, best comfort, best look. I'm deeply in love."



Since more than 20 years Martin Eyerer travels heavily around the globe as a dj and producer. His more than 100 releases on the hottest labels like Rennaissance, Buzzin Fly, Great Stuff, Boxer, Audiomatique or logically on his own imprint Kling Klong are bought and played on continents from Australia, Asia to North and South America and of course Europe. Countless sales and other chart positionings as well as media feedback prove that impressively.

As a producer Martin has something to show as well: Gold Albums in UK and Australia and a top 3 US Billboard chart ranking have a great effect here. As a mixing and mastering engineer Martin runs a respectable analog studio since 15 years, which has an established standing specially in the electronic music scene. Among his clients are labels and artists like Mobilee, Watergate Recs, Terminal M, Keine Musik, Stil Vor Talent, Break New Soil, Pan-Pot, Oliver Koletzki, Wankelmut and many more.

Martin Eyerer on the NS900: "The NS900 is the first headphone that beat the ones I am using since more than 15 years. Love them for Dj Gigs but also for preproduction on the road!"



The Dutch Tony Junior scores his first #1 radio hit in 2010 in collaboration with Nicolas Nox, called ‘Loesje’. After this success he decided a solo career would be the way to go for him. He started producing more dance floor oriented music. 'Feelin’ Kinda Strange' is based upon Drumattic Twins’ radio hit and Tony hit the right spot when he got the idea to remake it into a club rocker. With an acidy bass of the Nicky Romero variety, this tune is encouraging, showing that Tony wants to make it to the apex of the dance music world. His next piece of magic in the form of an outrageous collaboration with DJ Carnage called 'Michael Jordan', it reached #36 in the main Beatport chart and #9 in the Electro/House chart.

His release, 'Twerk Anthem', reached the #48 in the main Beatport chart and #12 in the Electro/House chart and his latest release is a new track together with Steve Terranova aka Starkillers entitled ‘Total Destruction’. It’s a perfect blend of high-octane, fierce energy and accessible appeal, blending big hooks, riffs, and thumping beats.

Tony Junior on the NS900: "I used several other headphones in the past, nothing compares to the NS900 LIVE"



Tony Williams aka Addison Groove started out life under a different pseudonym altogether, that of Headhunter, under which he achieved legendary status within the dubstep scene. With an LP and 12” releases on the influential Tempa label stretching back to 2007, his work at the deeper end of the dubstep spectrum has graced the label an impressive 7 times, a figure matched only by luminaries such as Skream & Horsepower Productions. This work looked set to continue until 2010 when, seemingly out of nowhere, he crafted one of the biggest bass music tracks of the decade, ‘Footcrab’, under the new name of Addison Groove.

The response to ‘Footcrab’ was phenomenal, receiving critical and commercial success in equal measure across the dance music scene. Getting plays not only from the dubstep DJs that Williams was used to reaching, it also found its way into the record boxes of techno and house heavyweights such as Surgeon, Ricardo Villalobos and Mr Scruff, bringing an enormous new audience to his music in the process. Taking influences from the Chicago ghetto tek and juke scenes, Addison Groove’s impact on UK bass music has been colossal and unprecedented, sparking a huge interest in these styles from his peers and the listening public alike.

Progressing at a breakneck pace, he was quick to develop a live 808 show which has graced some of the finest nightclubs in the world including Fabric, London and Berlin’s infamous Berghain. With his hectic touring schedule including USA, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and numerous dates in Europe, he continues to bring his hybrid sound to captivated audiences across the globe.

Addison Groove on the NS900: "It has erased the pain of ever looking for another pair of headphones. The NS900 is the only headphone i want to use from now. Sexy, comfortable and pristine fidelity. Thanks Nocs for making such a good product."



Manchester-based producer xxxy (born Rupert Taylor) is known for refining the propulsive, foot-forward sound of UK garage. Currently he’s signed to various labels. Over the past year he has been quietly building a solid reputation with milestone releases on Infrasonics and Fortified Audio, as well as featuring on the seminal Fabric compilation “Elevator Music”. With further releases set to come on labels such as Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen and Well Rounded, and a host of UK and European shows – it’s little doubt that xxxy will leave a lasting impression on the UK underground.

xxxy on the NS900: "Been using these for a while now. Very sturdy construction, fantastic isolation and really great sound. Lovely headphones."



Making his debut in late 2009, Rasmus have taken his name to heart – F*ck Our Ordinary Lives – and risen to the top of the melodic electro scene, winning over thousands of fans worldwide. With massive support from the electronic music blogosphere ever since the free internet release of their debut EP Ashy Diamond Lungs (Late 2009),F.O.O.L has become a near-household name in the scene.

Having played every other continent on the planet, F.O.O.L bringing his unrelenting sound and notoriously high-energy show!

F.O.O.L on the NS900: "Love these, I use them all the time on stage. Even use them for production. Thanks to the Nocs crew"




Jonas Rathsman born in 1980 and raised far from urban vanity, neon lights and contemporary club culture in a small village in Western Sweden. Music was always central in his adolescence, but the true passion for music would come later in life. At the age of 18, after moving to the Manchester of Sweden – Gothenburg – he started organizing parties and clubs and quickly rose in the underground hierarchy of Sweden's 2d largest city.

Within short he was a household name in Gothenburg, which gave him access to a more musically seasoned audience. It was during this time that Jonas starting discovering the nuances of the endless genres of club music and decided to up the ante and go into production.

Jonas on the NS900: "I love the design and the sound, will continue to use them on tour"



In the ever-changing world of House music it is still that rather rare thing for a single artist to release their own full length album, rarer still for it to have the cohesive, fluid quality that you would expect from a well compiled mix-tape. With “Devotion” Tichauer has chosen to tear up the rule book and flex his production muscles, resulting in this masterful blend of sub-genres and styles. The opening number ‘You Were Waiting’, (possessing nearly all the tribal inclination of a Zulu warrior,) is a superb track, setting the tone for what has aptly been called a “futuristic yet classic” set of recordings. The title track doesn’t disappoint either, with a smooth, captivating synth-line coupled with lyrical content ranging from the narcotically charged to broodily yearning. But, it’s the oozing soul of ‘Doing What I Got’ that’s causing perhaps the biggest stir amongst fellow artists and fans. Also part of the package are the tracks ‘I Like it Raw‘ and ‘Every Word‘, which provide the musical complexity signifying Tichauer’s arrival to the heavyweight ring.

Despite the thicker emanating bass-lines and significantly heavier toning, both still possess a sense of conviviality that contributes to this LP making it a diverse and deeply satisfying listen. The production is of a quality high enough to edify almost any particularly refined House music fan, whilst still penetrable enough to deserve a play at any self-respecting club.

Isaac on the NS900: "They have a great sound, great build quality and I use them at my shows now all the time."



When it comes to thinking outside the box, bringing something new to the scene and keeping it's originality, Stockholm based PANG! has with their tech and deep house influenced music created their own musical world with their own laws and standards. Weather it's bouncy tech house or smooth and chilled deep house PANG! always finds a way to make it unique. Join the world of PANG! and expect the unexpected.

Pang on the NS900: "Nice design, great sound and perfect fit"



Suol, the successor label to Baalsaal brought to life in 2009, they are in the process of cementing their long-term success as an A&R team. Featuring Chopstick & JohnJon,Trickski, Till von Sein, Fritz Zander, Sven von Thülen, Daniel Bortz, Meggy, Chasing Kurt and Fritz Kalkbrenner, they have put together an illustrious roster of artists within just a short space of time. Their conquest of the world of House continues. 




A decade has passed since the masterminds behind the Suol label, Chi-Thien Nguyen and John B. Muder, set out as Chopstick & Johnjon with a clear mission: to blaze a trail through the international House and Techno scene. 

Both as joint label managers and as a production team, they’ve come a long, long way since then. Techno, Electro, House, Hip Hop – during their early years in particular the duo set about exploring electronic music like kids in a sweet shop. Fearless and bold, they surrendered themselves to the moment, but with the Suol label they seem to have found their spiritual home for the time being. 

Chopstick on the NS900 LIVE: "It was great testing them beforehand and being a small part of the development!"



As co-founder, resident DJ, and creative co-director of Blk|Market Membership since its founding in 2006, Taimur Agha has been instrumental in building the rapidly growing New York dance community to where it now stands. A participant in the late ‘90s’ and early 2000s famed club residencies in NYC, including Sasha & Digweed’s legendary stint at Twilo and the equally illustrious era of Danny Tenaglia and Deep Dish at Vinyl, he weathered the club scene’s dissolution post 9/11 and the retreat to the underground, and when Bill Patrick, Nick Ac, and Dennis Rodgers parted ways at the end with ROBOTS, they handed the torch to Taimur and his partner Fahad Haider to become the new leading lights of a re-established dance culture that would take the city into its next nightlife era. 

Taimur on the NS900 LIVE: "I'm very happy with this set of headphones as NS900 model has everything all in one. The sound, the feel and level of comfort with these headphones makes this piece one that I will be using for quite some time. These are headphones built to last. "




Ikonika is one of the outstanding producers of her generation. Her 2008 debut ‘Please’ (Hyperdub), announced a forward thinking, highly melodic, twisted take on UK underground dance music. After further singles for Planet Mu and Hyperdub, she went on to release one of the best albums of 2010 ‘Contact, Love, Want, Have’, receiving glowing reviews from The Guardian, BBC, NME, FACT, Resident Advisor, Pitchfork among many more. Her remix projects have included Interpol, Caribou, Cubic Zirconia and DJ Mujava.

Equally accomplished is Ikonika the DJ. Her technical proficiency has taken her to bookings at clubs and festivals all across the world. Her live and studio sets journey from classic House and Techno, to RnB bangers, to the freshest sounds of the underground. Her talent was recognised by DJ Mag with nominations for ‘Best Breakthrough DJ’ of 2009 and ‘Best DJ’ of 2010, in their ‘Best Of British’ awards.

Ikonika on the NS900 LIVE: "The NS900 combines high end sound with amazing comfort. The sound is not fatiguing, allowing me to work harder for longer. It's a real pleasure to own a pair, thank you."